Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Fewona and What is IRC?
Fewona is a general-purpose discussion network implemented on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. It exists to support various communities and ideas. IRC is a protocol for real-time Internet text messaging (chat). It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private messages. Our main goal is to provide interactive environment for discussion and assistance. This include programming and GNU/Linux related discussion and assistance. But also we want you to have fun and chat with your friends by creating your own room(channel - private or public) or by joining existing ones. We also provide various games for example Trivia Quiz game and Werewolf social game.
For additional assistance join channel #fewona and Fewona IRC Network staff and users will do their best to help you.

How can I connect to the Fewona Network?
You can either use our Webchat in the site or connect using IRC client software, free to download and use. There are various client software for most Operating Systems. Here are few examples:
kvirc(Win/Linux), xchat(Win/Linux) or mirc(Win). For larger list visit Wikipedia
Then to connect just type /server
You even can install app for your smartphone and connect wherever you are. Just search for 'IRC' in your market.

Why should I register my nickname? How do I do it?
Your nickname is how people on Fewona know you. If you register it, you'll be able to use the same nick over and over. If you don't register, someone else may end up registering the nick you want and take it so that you won't be able to use it. If you register and use the same nick, people will begin to know you by reputation. It also will let you register a virtual host to mask your ip, register your very own channel and a whole lot more.
You can change your nickname while connected using this command:
/nick Yournick (for example /nick George)
If you login using the Webchat you can register using the menu button > register nickname, then the next time you login you will be asked for a password upon connect(if you choose the same nick).
If you are connecting from irc client different from the webchat, you can register your nick using this command: /ns register password email (for example /ns register secuRepass4056
Once registered you should identify(login) everytime you connect to the network by entering your password.
The command to identify is: /id password.
More info about services and help for nickname services see here and for other general commands see Wikipedia.

How do I register channel?
You need to have operator status in the channel (+o) and the channel must not be registered.
The command to register is: /cs register #channel
For more information about channel services see here

How do get vhost(spoof/fake virtual host that will mask your ip)?
To request a normal vhost type: /hs take $
To request a custom vhost type: /hs req your.desired.custom.vhost

How do I put custom network bot instead of ChanServ?
In Fewona we provide custom bots that can replace ChanServ. They will have exactly the same function as ChanServ but just with custom nick, ident@host and realname. To view the list of current bots type /bot botlist. If you want your own custom bot, please join #fewona and request one

For a detailed list of commands with nickname, channel and other services (for example registration, settings etc) read these help files.
You can also read the help online by typing /msg helpserv help
We will provide additional help, just ask in channel #fewona (Type /join #fewona)