Wind Eggdrop Account Problem

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Wind Eggdrop Account Problem

Postby noobwizard » November 25th, 2013, 3:59 am

hello geeks 8-) ,

i have eggdrop account created last Nov. 16, 2013 (as far as I remember) but until now I can't access the server thru putty.

I have znc on the same server and no problem encountered, just this eggdrop.

I noted the username and password given to me by Veselba, but a little bit of confuse because the username is the same with my znc account which is noobwizard, is this the reason of login problem? and if when I try to use my znc password unto that eggdrop account, still access denied.

can you guys fix the problem for me? :)

Thank you and more power Fewona!


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