New server 'Wind' replacing Rigel

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New server 'Wind' replacing Rigel

Postby NullByte » July 21st, 2013, 7:43 pm

Yes problems and offline time are over finally!
Rigel was removed from our network, because of the problems it persistently had.

We've rented a new server and I personally administer it, so no more moving or offline time!

No files or accounts will be moved, but we will recreate your account, what you need to do is issue the following command for shell/eggdrop:
/msg veselba eggdrop account recreate to WIND approved by NullByte
or for znc account:
/msg veselba znc account recreate to WIND approved by NullByte

Please copy and paste the command as it is so that I can spot it fast and approve it.
Users who did not have account in Vega or Rigel must not issue this command.

Active Premiums will be sent an email with account details. If you are Premium and did not receive an email, please send one to

P.S. Avoid PM-ing me, i can't handle 30 privates every day, instead use the forums, or contact one of the other admins:
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