Premium Shells for 2 EURO a month or 20 EURO annualy!

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Premium Shells for 2 EURO a month or 20 EURO annualy!

Postby NullByte » February 11th, 2013, 1:32 pm

Get a premium shell for just 2 EURO donation a month! Have your channel protected by bots hosted on 5 different servers or more!
Premium account specifications:

- Shell account with 5 background processes on a stable US based server (guarantee uptime/online 99.999%). The server has 11 IPv4 and 32 IPv6. (Vega)
- Second Shell account with 2 background processes on an another stable US based server (guarantee uptime/online 99.999%). The server has 2 IPv4 and 32 IPv6. (Epsilon)
You can run python/perl/ruby or anything that does not violate our ToS and does not take more than 5% CPU.
Also you can have 1GB space and use public_html for a site on both servers.

- 2GB Web space on dedicated web server with mysql/php and cgi. (Hyperion)

And that is just the base stuff, you get many more bonuses:

- Bonus shell accounts on 4 more separate servers! 3 background processes and 1GB space on each of these servers:
Orion (many IPv6 addresses)
Phoenix (IPv4-Only) +1GB space
Spica (IPv4-Only)
Sirius (many IPv6 addresses)

Note: These 4 servers are bonus and are not guaranteed to be 99%+ of the time online.

- Bonus shell account on a 6th server - German VPS -> one eggdrop process allowed for non-trivia or other high-cpu demand usage and znc account with 5 connections. (guarantee uptime/online 99.999%)

- Premium users have their account protected from the inactivity pruning system. So your account will never be suspended for inactivity.

Pay for 6 months (semi-anual) for 10.8 EURO (10% less) or 19.99EU (16% less) for a year!

We accept PayPal or Bank Transfer. It is strongly recommended that you contact us to discuss the details and availability - or person to contact in IRC - NullByte, before making a donation.
Alternatively you can click the Donate button on the web site and contact us later for confirmation and details on your shell accounts.

Terms of Service:
No DDoS attacks, hacking or flooding.
No Blackhat Activities
No selling of services / hosting
Anything that will result in disruption of services is prohibited.
We allow running servers (ircd, shoutcast etc) only upon request.
We allow proxies and ssh tunneling only for personal use and upon request.
Separate znc/psybnc/sbnc processes with up to 20 znc users/connections is allowed.
We do not refund any money (unless we decide there is a good reason to) because you are donating, not buying a service. The donations will be used only for paying our servers and are not for our profit. If the donations exceed $100/mo mark we may add another server with the extra income for users to enjoy. We will do our best to support you at any time, but do not expect 24/7/365 support.


If you don't want to donate - okey! We still may allow you to run a eggdrop or have a znc in two different servers upon request :)
Donations are needed, cause we are not somewhat rich or sth... we are students and we pay the servers and spare the time to configure and help users.. we do it cause we love IRC, GNU etc and we've built our community around open-source projects and free software.

* paypal tax not included
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Re: Premium Shells for 2 EURO a month or $20 annualy!

Postby NullByte » March 3rd, 2013, 2:16 pm

We also allow free IRCd hosting upon request (up to 128 users and on different port than 6667) in addition to the above stuff.

If you want a dedicated IRCd hosting, we provide donors with the following plans:

3 Euro donation a month
- Hosted on 99.999% uptime US based Server.
- Dedicated real IP address
- Unlimited IRCd bandwidth
- 1 IRCd background process
- Up to 2500 users
- Any ports are available

+ IRC Services and 3 more background processes for +1 Euro donation a month

+ 5000 users limit (so your ircd will support 7500 users) for +1 Euro donation a month

+ Shell accounts Premium (eggdrops/bncs in 7 servers - see the post above) for + 1 Euro donation a month (instead of 2.5 Euro)

All extras above for 5 Euro a month or 50 Euro annually!
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