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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want shell, I want eggdrop pls pls pls!!!
A: Read carefully here http://shells.fewona.net/index.php?p=1

Q: I still don't understand how to get a free shell! I want python bot! I want ssh tunneling! HELP!!
A: Read again here We won't help people who can't read or don't understand. Everything is explained.. in more than 12 languages.

Q: The bot replied that I should be patient, but I'm not! When will I get my account? I can't wait anymore!
A: There are many requests everyday, we have life too, so sometimes we approve within a minute, sometimes within a week. A forum request post will help with the speed though.
Also please read: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=1316

Q: I get rejected? Why?
First read here: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=1316
Then maybe you can post in the forums and ask for more information your request.

Q: I made a proper request by the bot Veselba didn't reply to me. What should I do?
A: The bot always replies! If it does not, then your nick is not registered with NickServ or you are not log in (identified) with NickServ (check your status window for message "You must log in with Fewona NickServ to message this user")

Q: Is Orion down?
A: Check all shell servers' statuses on http://shells.fewona.net

Q: I get this: "Network name should be alphanumeric" in ZNC, help plz?
A: In the Network Name field you put a name of the network (obviously) not a server name. Examples: Fewona, Efnet, StaticBox etc.

Q: I didn't receive email for activation in the forums, what do I do know?
A: Some free email providers block emails containing links, to active your account please ask in #fewona

Q: Who are the admins and how do I contact them?
A: See here and contact them in IRC: irc.fewona.net - channel #fewona (Staff are always voiced /have + in front of their nick/)

Q: How do I register in IRC? BTW What the heck is IRC!?
A: How to register. What is IRC? and WIKI

Q: I want a free shell to run znc and you give me znc account instead? Why can't I run my own znc/sbnc/psybnc process?
A: There is no point of it. You are allowed up to two bnc users, so why install a separate process for that? It takes too much server resources if we have 100 users running 100 bnc processes with two users on them, it's better to have one process with 100 users on it. You have almost the same access and privileges to your user account as if you were installed it and you can have two networks setup at the same time (or more upon request). Sometimes we allow installation of bnc upon request though.

Q: I cannot go to dcc with my bot, how do I fix it?
A: First try using telnet (PuTTy is a good example for Win). If it works then restart the bot (cause if nat-ip tcl needs to fix firewall setting). If check the port you use (it may be already in use).
Also for IPv6 make sure you have my-ip and my-ip6 settings correct. (both are required). And on most shell servers available ports are 10001-11111 but read the shell motd.

Q: How do I connect and what are the servers' hosts and ports?
A: Using SSH client, view hosts and ports here. Also you can type !ports in IRC.

Q: I lost my account details or password (shell/bnc/irc). How can I retrieve it?
A: Ask admins to send you the details to your email.

Q: I can't access my account, pls help!
A: There can be many reasons for that, such as:
- You forgot your password. Send email to support@fewona.net for details.
- Someone has hacked your password (or stolen it if you gave it to anyone). In this case we will change it too upon request.
- Your account is suspended or you are banned - check here viewtopic.php?f=25&t=821
- The server is temporarily down - check the status on http://shells.fewona.net
- The server is permanently down - check the news on http://shells.fewona.net and ask the admins in IRC to create you account in another server.

Q: I cannot connect to my favorite network - it says error: k-lined/g-lined/banned etc
A: Contact support@fewona.net and report to the staff and provide them with complete information so that they can fix it or give you another IP address if needed.

Q: I cannot connect to the psybnc, it has crashed?
A: Don't use psybnc then. It is dead, outdated, old, buggy and crashes a lot. We recommend ZNC.

Q: Who owns FEWONA? Who are the main admins I should contact?
A: No one! Fewona is a community driven and many people are contributing. All staff members have equal rank.
To contact staff either post on the forums or PM me and I will bring your subject to all staff privately.
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