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Postby fewona » January 10th, 2013, 12:13 am

The Community was created by highly motivated volunteers with a goal to provide free services and help to people with open-source related projects, problems, questions, etc.. We are working hard to provide good enviroment and tools for communication and technology that will benefit the internet users. This idea brought us together and other people who liked the idea joined the Community. We have no ads, nor profits, we give our resources without expecting anything in return.

Our current Team in alphabetical order:

athenea (Full Staff Member)
BORO (on vacation)
dcp (on vacation)
ekv (on vacation)
jazz (on vacation)
kopekmop (on vacation)
MaryJane (on vacation)
munZe (Full Staff Member)
Ocell (on vacation)
NullByte (Technical Supervisor, PM him for problems with servers etc)
StonedGhost (Full Staff Member)
ToS-Pro (on vacation)
root (Full Staff Member)

Full Staff members are always voice on channel #fewona


List of users that have contributed somehow (alphabetical):

arvent/Stelvin - Ideas and Suggestions
Dido - Provides Sirius Server
Gaddafi - Ideas and help
jazz/mladen - Bugs report & ideas/help
spartan - Translations
ThugLife/Jack - Founded UnrealBG


bel3atar - Translations
FantomX - Translations
IceCraft - Translations
karalukas - Translations
mdma - Translations
naz - IPv6 suggestions & help
noobwizard - Translations
Sandstorm - Translations
smile - Translations
Thorne - Translations
Wallet - Translations
winstOn - Wallpapers, vhost suggestions etc.

... and many more. Thanks!

Also special thanks to:
RulzZ - Co-founder of Party-Up (Veselba)
GOA-TRANCE, lovetsa, LnX, dencho, V-o-o-d-o-o, Sean_Paul, bebcho, temptation, X-Rout, Morpheus/aNderson, IRIKI, Dedwen, LeA, the_real_dead, [-NACU-], Fahrenheit, Koening, __Usmivkata__, ChaoticFeelingZ, d-fenka, DooM, Savatage, Dedwen, Bal-Bal and many more.
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Re: About us

Postby NullByte » July 21st, 2013, 6:50 pm

Update. If anyone does or doesn't want to be listed here, please contact me.
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