Welcome to Fewona

Fewona is a World-Wide IRC Network. If you don't know what IRC is - visit our FAQ.
By connecting you accept our policy and rules.

Free Evolutionary World Open Network Association (FEWONA) is unique IRC Network in many ways, one of them - by offering free services which are publicly available.
The Association is dedicated to community and discussion, providing both good place for chat and assistance for open-source projects, such as GNU/Linux or programming languages like c/c++, perl, tcl, etc. We also provide free shells (Debian) for students, programmers or entire open-source project communities. The IRC Network is also a host of various games, including Trivia and Werewolf.

We are running Charybdis IRC daemon and Atheme IRC Services daemon. For info click FAQ.
Here is a list of what else can be expected in Fewona IRC:

  • Free Shells - IRC eggdrops, bnc (znc/sbnc/psybnc), python, perl, compiling tools, php+mysql and web hosting, rssi/weechat and many more! More info - here
  • Account/Nickname and channel registrations.
  • Free channel bot(custom nickname, ident@host and realname) with rpg and various games and features available for your channel. See FAQ and this post.
  • Vhost (spoof/fake virtual host to mask your ip) for all users - yournick.users.fewona <> Custom vhost available upon request.
  • Full privacy for your channels and private chat. We NEVER monitor or filter any chat, even if it contains spam.
  • Absolute ZERO involvement of network staff(operators) in your channels. Staff has no additional access to channels. Read here for more info.
  • 100% Freedom of speech in your channels and privates. On channel #fewona we will respect you and your opinion and also we will try to help you if you need assistance.
  • For active users, community users, contributors or donators, we provide free eggdrops, free bnc, free web hosting (fewona.net/yoursite) with php and mysql and many more privilegs - shell accounts in 4 different servers!
  • The Community will do their best to help you with any subject

The Community was created by highly motivated volunteers with a goal to provide free services and help to people with open-source related projects, problems, questions, etc.. We are working hard to provide good enviroment and tools for communication and technology that will benefit the internet users. This idea brought us together and other people who liked the idea joined the Community. For more info visit our thread in the forum

Running the servers, the network services, the free features that we provide for our community and the time we spent and invest cost us money. Everyone who is contributing with server resources or helping users has never wanted something in return. We will be very grateful if you wish to help financially or in any other way - any contributions are very welcome.
Please contact NullByte if you want to contribute.
If you want to donate click the button below, we will be grateful for any amounts:

We will give you details and ensure you that your help or support is reaching the community.

Some notable channels (also try with /list :)

  • #fewona - Official channel of Fewona IRC Network, also channel for general or irc help
  • #hunt - Werewolf game channel
  • #trivia - Trivia game channel
  • #Chat - Discussion channel (Serbian-speaking)
  • #Indonesia - Discussion channel (Indonesian-speaking)
  • #athenea - Discussion channel
  • #linux - Channel for GNU/Linux help
  • #perl #tcl #c++ - Assistance for perl, tcl and c/c++ programming languages.
  • #Gamer - Channel for Gamers Community
  • #lov - Another chat and discussion channel. Also Werewolf game channel in Bulgarian
  • #veselba - Official chan of veselba.net. Also Trivia Game in Bulgarian

And some RSS Feed channels:

  • #news - General World News Feed
  • #football - Football fan channel and RSS News Feed
  • #funny - Funny RSS Feed for quotes and links
  • #tech - Science and Technology RSS News Feed
  • #weird - Weird News RSS Feed - also QI Elves twitter Feed
  • #TopGear - Top Gear fan channel - also RSS Feed from their twitter
  • #novini - RSS News in Bulgarian